Head of Remuneration and Mathematics

Hakan Takil, mathematician, is – besides his activities for the KENSTON GROUP – a member of the board of trustees of the “Federal Association of Legal Advisors for Occupational Pension Plans and Time Accounts (BRBZ)“ and author of numerous specialist publications in the field of company pensions and remuneration. In addition, Mr. Takil is co-author of a standard commentary on company pension schemes at Beck-Publishing House.

Mr. Takil has more than 20 years of professional, management and implementation experience in the field of actuarial for national and international corporate clients. Hakan Takil’s activities focus on actuarial expert opinions and, above all, on actuarial activities for Pension funds and Sterbekassen. In addition, Mr. Takil advises companies as well as pension funds and Sterbekassen on the implementation, implementation and optimisation of remuneration and pension accounting processes.

Mr. Takil is also a recognized lecturer in these areas.