Kenston Pension GmbH is a company of KENSTON GROUP®.

Kenston Pension GmbH, in its function as a court-approved pension consulting firm for company pension plans, acts as a focused legal and special service company that concentrates exclusively on the subject areas of company pension plans (bAV) and “related” implementations.

The activities of Kenston Pension GmbH primarily include consulting services for corporate mandates of all sizes from all sectors in the following, exemplarily listed, legal areas of occupational pension schemes:

  • labor law;
  • transformation law;
  • corporate law;
  • tax and accounting law;
  • social security law;
  • insurance contract law;
  • legal and pension consulting law;
  • liability law.

In this context, employers are supported in a legally secure manner in all implementations within the framework of company pension schemes.

In this orientation, Kenston Pension GmbH also serves clients from the following areas as a nationwide and international “competence center”:

  • tax consultants and auditors (or corresponding companies);
  • lawyers and legal advisors (or corresponding companies);
  • management consultants and high-quality financial service providers (or corresponding companies).

The objective of the cooperation between Kenston Pension GmbH and the aforementioned legal, tax and financial consulting professions is regularly the outsourcing of all activities from legal and pension consulting in the broad consulting areas of occupational pensions and “related” areas to Kenston Pension GmbH.

The legal basis for Kenston Pension GmbH to exercise and perform the relevant consulting services is the German Legal Advice Act (RBerG), the German Federal Lawyers’ Act (BRAO), the German Lawyers’ Fees Act (RVG) and since 01.07.2008 the German Legal Services Act (RDG).

The core of the activities of Kenston Pension GmbH is the provision of legal services for third parties or any activity in third party legal matters, which may only be provided by natural or legal persons licensed or registered by a court. Furthermore, the pension consultant is always judicially licensed or registered and is subject to the supervision of the president of the competent district, regional or higher regional court. In addition, the pension consultant is absolutely independent in representing the interests of his clients.

The managing directors of Kenston Pension GmbH are Mr. Sebastian Uckermann and Mr. Patrick Drees.

The PVK Pensionsverwaltung GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kenston Pension GmbH, acts as the central specialist company of the KENSTON GROUP® for the transfer of pension obligations. PVK Pensionsverwaltung GmbH specializes in transfers under the German Transformation Act. However, transfers within the scope of debt assumption or debt assumption for the outsourcing of shareholder-managing director-pension schemes are also handled by the company.