Kenston Services GmbH is a company of KENSTON GROUP®.

Kenston Services GmbH acts as an independent service company for all actuarial and administrative tasks and questions relating to company pension schemes.

The core competence of Kenston Services GmbH is, on one hand, the actuarial consulting and support of employers of all sizes with regard to their company pension schemes within the scope of the – national and international – valuation of pension obligations. For this purpose, all necessary balance sheet approaches are considered and finally evaluated. On the other hand, another core competence of Kenston Services GmbH is the comprehensive, actuarial consulting and ongoing support of pension and burial funds.

In this orientation, Kenston Services GmbH also serves clients from the following areas for the purpose of outsourcing or taking over the aforementioned activities:

  • tax consultants and auditors (or corresponding companies);
  • lawyers and legal advisors (or corresponding companies);
  • management consultants and high-quality financial service providers (or corresponding companies).

Kenston Services GmbH enables high-quality consulting by means of standardization and automation. Innovation and uniqueness arise from the combination of KENSTON solutions with the individual company and consultant requirements as well as the possible adaptation of the technology in this respect.

Within the framework of the KENSTON solutions, indispensable legal and pension consulting activities are outsourced to affiliated authorized service providers. In this context, Kenston Services GmbH takes over the coordination of all related legal and pension consulting activities and provides you as a consultant or employer (and the associated employees) with an all-encompassing and legally secure back office.

The managing directors of Kenston Services GmbH are Mr. Sebastian Uckermann and Mr. Patrick Drees.