The Kenston Akademie für bAV und Zeitwertkonten is the independent seminar, competence and further education center of Kenston Pension GmbH for the following consulting and corporate groups:

  • Tax consultant and auditor;
  • lawyers, legal advisors and management consultants;
  • high quality financial services providers;
  • company managers and human resources managers.

The primary objective of the Kenston Akademie für bAV und Zeitwertkonten is to provide the above-mentioned consulting and corporate groups with the necessary technical “tools” in seminar units lasting several days in order to be able to act as competent consultants in the complex areas of company pension schemes and time accounts. On three consecutive seminar days, which take place up to six times a year, all the main topics of the listed areas are presented in a goal-oriented and entertaining manner. The three-day seminar series is concluded with a short written final examination. Upon passing this examination, each participant receives a certificate and is entitled to use the designation

“Certified cooperation and consulting partner for bAV and time value accounts of Kenston Pension GmbH”.

In addition, from the time the certification is received, the “Kenston Certification Logo” can be placed on your own business card or integrated into other marketing tools.

Here you will also find further information about the Kenston Akademie für bAV und Zeitwertkonten.